Breathe in and breathe out… Let Yoga come to your office!

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Early Bird

Get the energy
flow starting early morning!

60 minutes hatha yoga for your employees to start the day
properly and be ready for the coming challenges.

Yoga Lunch

Take 45 minutes hatha yoga
lunch break!

 Help your employees process what they have learnt
already and prepare for the upcoming tasks of the day.

After Work Restorative

Yin and Yang
need to stay balanced!

95 minutes of Restorative Yoga helps to experience
full Relaxation after workday.

After Work Power Yoga

Get rid of all those
toxins and sweat
the stress out

60 minutes Power Yoga helps not only to get
in shape but also ends with a lovely relaxation!

Individual Package

Let us know
what you expect!

We will find the right yoga solution
provided by highly qualified yoga teachers right away!

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